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Quotes Arcade offers a variety of graphics quotes and animated glitter quotes to adorn your Myspace profile, blog, xanga, orkut or Friendster page. Simply copy and paste the HTML codes for graphics quotes/comments quotes in your profile page or post comments on other member's profile. All these graphics quotes/comments quotes are FREE to use.

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Love Quotes Graohics

"Love is like a butterfly hold it too tight it'll crush hold..."

Love Quotes Graohics

"Love never holds back nor does it stop for obstacles..."

Love Quotes Graohics

"The more you give the more you get back that's the..."

Love Quotes Graohics

"Love is a game that two can play and both win"

Love Quotes Graohics

"Love is like a mountain hard to climb but once you..."

Love Quotes Graohics

"Love is just a word untill someone you meet give it a..."

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